The Rise of the Surveilling Class

Inherent to the dialectic of Marxism, the greatest threat to the stability of the bourgeois is the spark of revolution capable of uniting and empowering the proletariat mass. Therefore, it would seem counterintuitive to think of social media technologies (SMT) as a repressive force used against the proletariat in the battle between the two classes. SMT’s not only achieve social cohesion, but provide economies of distribution capable of disseminating counter ideologies. However, it has been under the deceptive veil of social empowerment and connectivity that the latest iteration of surveillance technologies have been able cover the master-narrative of “security”. Testament to the success of this veiling has been the complicit self-exploitation of the proletariat class who would otherwise have revolted against the engulfment of private personal space by the public sphere. Once in the domain of the public sphere all actions, transactions and thoughts are susceptible to critical examination upon which additional repressive measures can be formulated. But how has this been achieved?

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