Hi everyone,

In doing research for my final project I came across an amazing site put together by a former UW student, Matthias Wandel, detailing his adventures in the University of Waterloo service tunnel network.  It’s a really interesting story, and he maps the whole adventure!  I’ve posted a copy of the map to perk your interest. Who knew that the campus was so connected?


C/P this link to read the full story:



  1. Great post, Devon. I came across the same website when I was living in Village 1 in first year. My housemates and I were interested in finding warmer routes across campus to class and had heard rumors of the underground tunnels connecting all of the buildings. Unfortunately, we never made it into the underground system like Wandel.

    I checked out the KW Record’s article featuring Matthias’ story from 2002 (“Urban exploring is latest fad”). The story mentions that Wandel saw a motion detector in the tunnels during one of his final expeditions. Devon – during your discussions with the UW Campus Police, have campus motion detectors been discussed? I wonder if there are many in student-accessible areas or if the police mainly rely on cameras for surveillance.

  2. Hi Karina,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the article! I’ve spoken to a number of people on campus about it and many have heard “rumors” of the tunnels also…it seems like a bit of an urban myth around here that a vast underground tunnel system accessible to students from residence exists but is difficult to find (a kind of secret passed on between select students). It seems likely that these rumors came out of Wandel’s efforts back when campus security was more lax. Pretty interesting stuff!

    With regard to the motion detectors, this topic did come up in our conversation with Sergeant Goss. It seems that in general motion detectors are not used in student-accessible areas (at least in terms of crime-prevention…the libraries and many of the stores/cafs on campus use motion detection for other purposes). We did learn that many of the security systems installed in the buildings across campus use both contact and motion surveillance; however, we also learned that these systems are rarely activated since most buildings stay open 24/7.

    Thanks for the feedback though! Much appreciated!


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