Dylan GEO

I found a feature on bobdylan.com called Dylan Geo that I think is an excellent is an excellent example of Ulmer’s chorography. The site presents a globe with pins that serve to mark every city that Dylan has performed in over the years. When you click on the pin you get a list of the shows by date. Clicking on a show brings up the set list and an “I was there” button where people can write about their experience at the show. The site presents a representation of the merging of space and time in an experience that brings to mind chorographic writing. Each Dylan fan would have a historical path of spaces (in the form of stadiums and arenas) that is unique. The paradigm of attending Dylan concerts is rewritten or deconstructed into an almost infinite collection of spaces and meaning.

The link is http://www.bobdylan.com/#/features/geo



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