Response: More than Google ad tracking

What about the next step for Karina’s post on the new Google ad tracking, where surveillance/sousveillance and ubiquitous marketting converge?  I came across a video recently that attempted to call this electronic state of awareness the new ‘Sixth Sense’.  It also shows that the scenario evoked when “Microsoft announces new developments in Interactive Technlogy and Artificial Intelligence!” may be a lot sooner than expected.  The video can be found at:

In the video, it described a collection of availale equipment (webcam, cellphone, projector) and implemented the technology so that the device would be able to scan the surroundings.  The user would be able to interact with the projected image to give direction to the device.  Combining this technlogy with another of the projects mentioned on this website, the bionic camera-eye, and the next step certainly would become creepy.  The possibility to scan the surrounding, take pictures and video images, and access information on the situation opens up new possibilities: surveillance and sousveillance are both possible depending on the networking setup for the device.   A slight movement of the hand or perhaps a muscle group can bring up a webpage, blog, advertisement, or any electronic documentation on the surroundings in the environment.  Facebook would take on a whole new meaning if the device could conduct a facial scan and look up all images, blogs, etc that a person had in seconds and give a synopsis of the information.

I do see one difference with this technology and the current Google ads venture.  The involuntary aspect of the Google ads would be detrimental to the current state of the ‘sixth sense’ technology with sensory overload.  However, what are the possibilities of the device when it is merged with heart rate monitors, pedometers, gps systems, etc?  If you stand still in a particular spot, the device could ascertain if you were ‘busy’ or not and were amenable to any involuntary advertisements?

– Alex


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