Captain Toronto

Rob Spence, who you may also know as Captain Toronto from “Let’s all Hate Toronto”, is in the process of turning his prosthetic eye into a video camera in order to film a documentary on surveillance concerns… If you’re interested here is the address of an article.


3 responses to “Captain Toronto

  1. I forgot to sign this — its mine (Jen).

  2. He’s turning himself into a walking, talking “Little Brother”! What a great idea.

    I wonder though, if he’s installing a camera in his skull for his own surveillance, to bring attention to issues of surveillance, is he part of the problem or the solution? ;)

    Obviously, for his intended audience, Mr. Spence successfully bringing attention to the growing problem of pervasive surveillance is enough. I guess I’m just concerned with how this project might affect Captain Toronto’s own eye-dentity. ;)

  3. I was just about to do a post on this same topic. Luckily, I decided to catch up on my blog reading first so I didn’t write an identical story.

    Anyway, in the article I read (from, there was a great quote that illuminated just how comfortable people have become with surveillance cameras filming their every move. Spence said, “In Toronto there are 12,000 cameras. But the strange thing I discovered was that people don’t care about the surveillance cameras, they were more concerned about me and my secret camera eye because they feel that is a worse invasion of their privacy.”

    As well, a short video about the project can be found at

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