Last Meal Delivery

I’m feeling rather macabre today, so I thought I’d share this link:

(I don’t really know how to make links work in wordpress, so please copy and paste if you’re so inclined.)

I’ve come across this story in a few different sources, so I’m fairly certain it’s legit.

I actually have a point to posting this, beyond sheer ick factor. In the first section of Discipline and Punish, Foucault goes on at length concerning the previous culture of punishment, and we’ve now shifted into a culture of surveillance. (I’m paraphrasing badly.) He also mentions that one aspect of the punishment culture was that people were fascinated by extreme trangressors. I think that this is one part of the past punishment model that hasn’t gone away; as the link shows, there’s still a great interest in these figures. Now, my question is, how far does this interest go? Does it explain the success of shows like Prison Break or Oz? And does this fascination come from some vestige of our preceding culture, or is it because prisons, surveillance culture or not, are still kept out of the public gaze?
Food for thought. (Sorry.)


3 responses to “Last Meal Delivery

  1. Hey Michael, I tried copying and pasting the link and it takes me to the website, but no article or blog shows up. Can you try putting the link up again, or maybe provide the navigation path through the site for us to find it?

    You’ve piqued my curiosity…

  2. Sorry about that. Try leaving out the symbols. I added them in an attempt to make the link work, but I guess it just made things worse.
    And if that doesn’t work, the site’s the second thing that comes up if you google “last meal delivery” (the first thing to come up is the actual service itself.)

  3. Aaaand this time, the whimsical comment board cut out the symbols I was trying to tell you to leave out. Ok: try copying and pasting the link, but leave out the brackets at the ends.

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