Circular Nonsense and/or Choric Metaphor? A Post-Modern Folktale.

I can’t quite put my finger on this whole Chora thing, but in light of the Kristeva and Derrida readings (which confused me beyond all means) I could only think of a favorite set of “avant-garde folktales” of mine, which I thought I would translate and transcribe here. I haven’t quite formed an explanation of how and where Chora (in metaphoric/pun/other form) is in these, and I will try to get back to this later and post again on that. Meanwhile if anyone wants to jump in and look for Chora here – please do!

A word about these – “Jerzy and Petrucco”  (Ezhy and Petrutcho) is a Russian avant-garde transmodal entertainment/media project that was run between 1997 and 2007 by radio station employees Andrei Dergachev and Andrei Andrianov,which combined improvised spoken word performance, music sampling, and at later stages also animation. As the authors claim, there is no point, order or deeper meaning to the stories, while the two eponymous characters are in fact completely arbitrary. I’ve no authorship in all this, and I’m merely translating and re-arranging some of the stories here to try and play with some of the potentially-useful metaphors contained therein. (official site in Russian:

I must warn that this will probably not make much sense, but I enjoyed trying to think Chora through something that makes about as little sense as the concept itself, and hey, if I’ve already spent hours translating it, might as well share it…

It also seems to relate to space in quite a few ways, constantly juxtaposing urban and pre-urban space, so it’s possibly relevant.





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