Google Ocean as Chora??

Google Ocean as Chora?

I remember on our first day discussing chora that someone (I have no recollection of whom) pointed out that Internet search engines unto themselves act as a type of Chora.  Stemming from this notion, I found the launching of Google Ocean extremely interesting.  Not only is it a search engine (or perhaps more aptly, an addition to an already expansive search engine), the ocean itself is a receptacle, an ever fluctuating one at that.  Unlike Google Earth, where the displayed buildings and mountain ranges don’t shift noticeable on a daily basis, oceans are always already shifting dramatically, and yet these shifts are oftentimes occurring (pardon the impending pun) below the surface, making them less noticeable to us.  It seems that Google Ocean creates, as Derrida phrases it, “a place where everything is marked but which would be ‘in itself’ unmarked” (29).  It seems that the interplay in attempting to technologically demarcate such an elusive “natural” space has a strange chora-like resonance to it.

However, as an addendum to this post, I admittedly am still trying to wrap my brain around this concept and might be totally off base in the preceding paragraph.



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