Price’s Picturesque Tree: Roughness, Sudden Variation, and Irregularity



Of my UW campus pictures, I thought this was the most picturesque, based on Price’s description. The bark on the trunk in the foreground of the photo allows the bumpy, “rough” texture to stand out. In a few areas of the trunk the bark has been peeled off of the tree, leaving lighter areas exposed, perhaps being an example of “sudden variation.” As well, I think the stark contrast between the light sky and dark tree would be another example of “sudden variation.” As for “irregularity” the branches extending in many different directions out from the trunk are probably the best example in this photo.

Of course if Price has his way, I would have taken this picture in “tempestuous winds” for a more picturesque shot. But I’m so glad there wasn’t any wind, because it’s been cold enough lately.



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